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furryne_ws Syndicate LJ feed

Hey guys!

I've created a Syndicated LJ feed that allows you to add furryne.ws to your LJ friends list, and read articles as they're posted to the public news as a part of your friends list!

Check it out at: furryne_ws.
Everything else is child's play.

Small Changes

I changed the number of article per page from 8 to 17 so that it better lines up with the sidebar.

Also I changed the vote-to-publish option from 5 to 3. What tis means is that an article in the Upcoming News section will need 3 votes to automatically move to the Published News section. I'll try this out for the next few weeks to see if it help releave some administrative overhead but failing that I'll drop it to 2 and raise it until we build a significant active user base.
Everything else is child's play.

Google Analytics Installed

I've installed Google Analytics into the pligg code to get a better iodea of how many people are visiting and from where. If you have a Google account and want to see these stats, please contact me and I can add you to the list.
Everything else is child's play.

Private Messaging is Broken

The guys behind pligg issued a couple of security updates this weekend. The fixes have been applied, but not with a couple of headache. First I had to manually set the language file back to what it was and I have to change the base URL again. Noiw private messaging will not function.

I sent the issue to the pligg forums to see if we can get that function up and running again. If we can't, I'll consider downgrading back to pligg beta 9.5 and applying the patches individually instead of issuing a full update of the code.

Update: I've fixed private messaging by splicing in the old lightbox module with the curreny pligg codebase. Next is to fix the unvote feature and get the antispam module up and running.

Should we allow sexuality-related links?

Please consider this: http://liejournaler.livejournal.com/30751.html?thread=405279#t405279

I agree that there are better transgender resources, but if we forbid them, for consistency's sake, we would need to also forbid anything related to gay pride and gay rights.

I'm still working on a submission guidelines draft, so input would be appreciated. I would like to stick to things that would be of general interest to the anthropomorphic community, but where should the line be drawn?

Hello, world!

Obligatory first post.

- Recently added some rudimentary categories.
- Would like to remove the "default Pligg" look and feel. Don't want to drastically munge categories though -- keeping the changes simple menas less work when it's time to upgrade. Maybe color change (plz oh plz let it be CSS), and remove the Pligg messages; add a few furry-specific things and a status link here.
- x-posting the site for increased visibility.